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Introducing…. LoveNelson.NZ

LoveNelson.nz is an online initiative set up by Uniquely Nelson to create a buzz in the retail heart of Nelson.

The idea of LoveNelson it to allow more clients whether they be in Nelson, Richmond, Tasman or Blenheim, to see your products, find out more and click and collect creating more foot traffic for the City Center.

Through various promotions and advertising (listed below) Uniquely Nelson are advertising the site to your clientele, allowing them to see the deals that are available to them, buy it and come in and collect.


LoveNelson.NZ is a commerce channel which allows Nelson City businesses to transact with their customers 24 hours a day just by being online, we are the first city/town in New Zealand to do so!

By Creating this site, Uniquely Nelson has developed an e-commerce platform plus a social media initiative for the Nelson City retailers to create more brand awareness and increase sales to their business. With more and more people looking and researching for products online, LoveNelson.NZ provides an opportunity for the Nelson CBD as a collective group to be promoted to these people.

81% of Shoppers Conduct Online Research Before Buying

Products and services can be offered for sale, at a reduced price, sales at an auction, at no reserve, with reserve, buy now… whatever works.

The LoveNelson.NZ website is being promoted via Facebook, Google, Radio, Newspapers, Newsletters and many more areas.

For a ‘buy local’ campaign, we target Nelson and Tasman residents; for a tourism campaign, we target out-of-towners or overseas travelers. Mothers Day is a very good example. A special feature campaign can target the 90 thousand Facebook users in the top of the south island that Mother’s day is coming, have you sent any flowers… LoveNelson.nz ..up comes the 6 flower shops in Nelson City….done!

Customers can pay via internet or paypal or they can pay on pick up from the seller, boosting foot traffic to their physical stores……simply click and collect.

The LoveNelson.NZ can be different every month by having a specials on art, food, clothing, health & beauty, jewellery, travel … each with a targeted marketing campaign to relevant audiences on the online world.


Getting Nelson Businesses online

With only 8% of Nelson businesses using social media alongside their website, anything that encourages adoption is good for the district. And by providing a pathway to monetisation, LoveNelson.NZ encourages small business to take full advantage of what the internet has to offer.

LoveNelson.NZ doesn’t require every participating seller to have their own website as we provide one for you to add your branding, identity and products to. This is your space where you can add as many products as you like, discount them, feature them and allow the potential purchaser to communicate with you, with a contact form, your phone number, website address, Facebook and more!

We can even get you started by bulk uploading your products ready for you to publish at your convenience. We also have a function that allows you to schedule when your products are going to be seen, allowing you to run campaigns through the website.

This is the easiest, most cost effective way for any business to make a start on e-commerce.


LoveNelson.NZ allows you to be within a local community to build you brand, your customer base and increase sales, especially over those winter months. You simply upload your product onto the site and we promote and advertise the LoveNelson.NZ to over 90,000 Facebook users in the top of the South Island, monthly advertising on the radio, Newspaper and Organically through Google.

We promote the LoveNelson.NZ by:

Daily radio across 4 stations

Facebook: a lot of our marketing is delivered through this platform.

Stakeholder newsletters and mail outs to over 7000 clients

Advertising at the airport.

Certain amount of print adverting depending on the time of year

Online Ad placement through Google ads / Fairfax/ NZME/ Mediaworks

Shared advertising through the retailers websites and their Facebooks to 70,000 clients

Individual business/promotional cards made up for each shop

LoveNelson.NZ window brand stickers




Contact Simon Duffy : Uniquely Nelson

Suite 3, Level 1 244 Hardy Street Nelson 7010

Phone 021 864-284

Email: info@uniquelynelson.co.nz

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