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If You Could Secure Rent-Free Space in The Busiest Mall on Earth, Wouldn’t You Be Just Plain NUTS Not To?

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Add a shopping Cart module to your amazing new website

With the trillions being spent online yearly now is the time (if you have not already..) to get online and selling. It could not be easier with our WebDog Online Shop package. For only $197 per year you can choose a Premium quality design, have the shop set up and with a Paypal address you could be selling in minutes…

A traditional shop was once described thus:

“The storekeeper will spend thousands upon thousands of dollars filling a very expensive space with products ‘they think’ people might buy.  They then close the store for two thirds of the day trading for only five days out of seven. When they are open they sit waiting in the hope that at least some of the passing trade will wander in. Having secured that visitor the storekeeper can only pray that those people actually like some of the stock he has chosen, that it’s the right size, that it’s the right colour and that it’s not more expensive or less up -to-date than the store down the road’s products.”

Sounds a bit odd when put like that eh?

accept credit card paymentsNow let’s compare that with doing business successfully ON THE WEB … The busiest Mall on Earth!

  • A webmaster like those at WebDog will set up a beautiful, elegant store at relatively little cost.
  • The online storekeeper will fill it with ‘VIRTUAL’ stock displaying endless products of all shapes, colours and specifications
  • The online storekeeper will rent cheap warehousing or office space for product or service fulfilment
  • Better still, the store keeper will hold no stock and either pass orders onto the manufacturer for fulfilment or only order it when the client has paid
  • Better still! The storekeeper will only stock digital products which are downloaded by the client AFTER payment by the client
  • The client will pay by card online and these funds are AUTOMATICALLY deposited into the storekeeper’s bank account
  • The online storekeeper no longer has to pay a book keeper because all transactions are automatically recorded and reported
  • The online storekeeper will place his products IN FRONT of the global shopping audience and not wait for the odd passer by to stumble across them
  • The online storekeeper will not shut their store at the end of the working day as staff go home
  • The online storekeeper will go to sleep as shoppers WORLDWIDE browse and buy
  • The online storekeeper will enjoy holidays with the family as shoppers WORLDWIDE browse and buy
  • The online storekeeper will collect the contact details of visitors and be able to eMail them periodically with news and offers. 
    The online store keeper will enjoy:
  • Low overheads
  • Low running costs
  • Low staff costs
  • Positive cashflow
  • Better customer service fulfilment
  • Less stress
  • More quality time
  • and a whole lot more.

So when you look at it like that there’s not a lot more to add really is there?

online shoppingAn online retail arm should be seen as absolutely fundamental to the business plan when setting up shop.  Most consider the bricks and mortar, the position in the high street or proximity to the marketplace, the volume of passing trade, the rent and rates, transportation costs, utility costs, the branding, the proposition and a thousand other incidentals … and completely ignore the impact their Internet trade will have on the balance sheet.

An Online Business is not only way more efficient and less expensive to run that a traditional store, they are just as valuable!

Doing business online or adding an online shop to your traditional business should be a NO BRAINER! … so why aren’t more businesses reaping the rewards the Internet offers?

The answer is that under normal circumstances (without WebDog!) setting up an online shop can be technically challenging, expensive and fraught with hidden issues.

Now if you’ve read through this site you’ve probably noticed that I say WebDog is different because it’s run buy entrepreneurs! Ok, I won’t bang on about it further other than I feel I need to stress that point … this is what sets up apart. We run online stores … this very WebDog website does the job of a team of people.

We present our products and services providing as much information as possible, hopefully in a clear and navigable way. We focus on visitor problems and allow them to solve issues on impulse by facilitating the ability to purchase NOW!  I’ve lost count of the number of times my wife has hollered in frustration after visiting a website to buy a product … not only can she not buy, she can’t even find a price … and she’s ‘TRYING’ to spend cash!!!

Isn’t it just plain NUTS that probably 90% of businesses are loosing out on Internet trade? Yes! 90% because even those that have a reasonable Internet presence could do it better. We’ve been running stores and web businesses for over twelve years now and have developed a very unique set of skills which enable us to look at business from YOUR perspective!

women shoppingLet’s be honest … If you’re looking to expand online, ALL you want is a solution that you can manage, is intuitive and simple to use, delivered on time (in a matter of days) and doesn’t break the bank to get up and running.  And if you do run into problems you want to be able to get the support as and when you need it … is that about right? Well we’ve bundled up the systems we use into a  Best Shop Online Website Package, a solution that we hope ticks all the boxes for you!

We start with a Best Website Design package to ensure a rock-solid, reliable, visually stunning platform. We then bolt on a feature-rich shopping cart module. The whole system, including all the web pages, colours, look and feel, products, images galleries and menus etc are all managed from the one control panel.

Your online store will have everything you need to get started and unlike many traditional Web Agency solutions … YOU are in control!

Not only that but we provide documentation, videos, and support so you’re online and running up to speed 24/7/365

Whether You’re Busy Serving Customers, or Lazing on The Beach … Your Online Shop is Making Sales & Most IMPORTANTLY, Processing Payments

Taking credit card payments AUTOMATICALLY online is, in my mind, the modern equivalent of a Money Tree at the bottom of your garden! Although I’ve been doing business online for many years now (did I already say that!), I still get excited when I tell people how amazing it is when set up properly.

The final part of the set up is processing the payments and fulfilling the orders. For total efficiency this needs to be HANDS OFF! 

  • The eMail Marketing will draw in the customers (no more waiting for passers by)
  • The Website will engage and hopefully delight visitors
  • The Dependable Hosting will ensure the Website stays live and secure
  • The Online Shop will allow visitors to become valuable customers
  • The Payment Gateway will process credit/debit card payments, add relevant taxes, organise shipping payments, report all sales and transfer funds to your bank account!

There are hundreds of Payment Gateway solutions out there, some better than others and as this processing is critical we go with the best. We offer several integrations and we recommend a combination of Paypal and a Credit Card Payment Gateway. The reason being that after making several hundred thousand online sales there is a clear 50/50 split between Paypal and Credit/Debit cards. Each processor has its advantages and disadvantages.

I’ll just clarify these points as online payment processing is often the most confusing part for people. There are two parts to processing credit cards: The Payment Gateway and the Bank who supply a Merchant Account.

paypalPaypal Express:
Paypal is trusted around the world by millions of people and it is a proven fact that simply by using this payments method you can increase sales.

This solution comes standard with your Best Online Shop Package and allows you to be up and running and take credit and debit card payments securely online as well as payments from account holders. You may have heard of Paypal and even used them.  They are the biggest ALL-IN-ONE payment processor in the world and now owned by eBay. It’s very quick and easy to set up a Paypal account (we’ll show you how). Paypal will allow other Paypal users (110 million!) to buy from you.

In addition we can add a fully hosted Merchant Solution:

Part 1: The Payment Gateway works on behalf of companies like Visa, Mastercard etc taking care of debiting money from the customer’s card.  It will be a highly secure, certified, compliant and encrypted operation. The Payment Gateway will authenticate and validate the customer and carry out a number of anti fraud checks. If you’ve ever bought anything online you’ll see that all this happens very quickly, you’re not even aware of the hundreds of very complex background operations.
credit cards

Part 2: The Merchant Account. To run a Payment Gateway your bank will need to supply a Merchant Account. This is like standard bank account but to get one your Online Business needs to pass a number of compliance obligations. Once this is all set up everything starts to flow! The Payment Gateway will regularly pass cleared funds into your Merchant account. We use Paypoint, Worldpay and Payflow Pro

Our standard Best Online Shop Package can be integrated with our Paypal Payflow system or we can look at working with you if you prefer another payment solution (please note that merchant processing is part of standard:

We are also partnered with Payment Express and are able to integrate PX Pay Module to enhance your shoppers experience

PX Pay allows merchants to send transactions to Payment Express and directs your customers to a SSL secure payments page at which the user will be prompted to enter their credit card details and complete the transaction. The result is displayed and the user is automatically directed back to your website.

With our Merchant Hosted + Authentication option the entire payment process is managed from within your website. This provides a seamless payment experience for your customers as they don’t need to be redirected to a secure payment page hosted by The Payment Gateway. Your customer experiences the entire buying process, from shopping cart to payment, to confirmation of payment, without leaving your website.


  • Access to Merchant Administration – web based administration tool for processing refunds, generating reports and processing manual payments
  • Handles all major credit card brands
  • Enter your own reference number to aid in reconciliation of payments
  • Supports Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode authentication for online transactions – helps reduce the risk of fraud

I hope that’s all clear now and we can clarify any further issues as we proceed to set up your Best Online Shop Package.


Mobile Responsive – Works on every device

Add a Shopping Cart for Just $1497
Investment in Your Online Business

Selling art online requires quite a bespoke online shop & shipping management setup, but with WebDog we’ve found the perfect solution.


*Standard Payment Gateway, Processing and Banking fees apply

**Once we have all the information we will move Heaven and Earth to fulfil the Online Shop Package within fourteen working days.  However, due to the complexities of payment processing and testing we do need to put in a caveat: If some some reason we can’t we will let you know during the fourteen day period and give a guaranteed delivery day. If in the highly unlikely event the processing issue cannot be resolved we will offer you an alternative or a refund.

***We ensure the gateways that ship with the Online Shop Solution are always up to date and working. Sometimes the gateway will change things on us without notice … Let us know immediately! We will always act upon broken gateway information as quickly as possible, even if it’s the middle of the night 🙂

These terms are in addition to  Best Website Design Package – Online Shop Package delivery times & guarantee apply to the entire solution.

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