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Get Found on Google!

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Get Started With Google For Business

Google For Business is a relatively new service that enables your business to be listed on Google Maps, making it easier for your clients or customers to locate you. Google For Business enables a business owner to manage the information Google displays regarding the physical location of their business. Potential customer searching for a service or product you offer will see your business listed under the search results as well as in Places.

Google often blends the Google For Business’ page and Map markers along with the results listing for location specific searches … Listing yourself in Google For Business is a ‘Must Do’ if you run a physical business.

WebDog will set up your Google For Business account and information by submitting relevant information like the address, phone number, email, hours of operation, payment method, mode of service, images and even videos to Google.

Once you verify your listing through phone or mail, you would receive a PIN from Google that allows you to claim the specified listing.

Google For Business connects you directly with customers through Search, Maps or Google+.

Be found by customers looking for
YOUR products across google

Google For Business displays your business information through Google Search, Maps and Google+ so that potential customers can find you … on any device they’re using.


If you’re serious about businesses
you need Google For Business

Google For Business is designed to help small business be found by people in their specific location and marketplace. Unlike regular search engine optimization, Google For Business is a reliable way for businesses to be found in web results making the service an excellent marketing opportunity.

Google For Business is the new Yellow Pages – These days fewer people search for a service using the traditional Yellow Pages directories. The advantage of being listed on Google For Business is that relevant information about your business is available through the most heavily used directory on the Internet and can be accessed by your potential customers through the internet, on any device.

Improving search engine page ranking – Google For Business is focused on local searches meaning that the competition is restricted to only businesses within the locality, not the entire region or country. This ensures a better opportunity for your business being at the top of the search engine page results.

Searches with key terms – ‘Italian restaurants in Rome’ would only get results for Italian restaurants within the region and not the entire country. The possibility of your Italian restaurant being found is far higher in Google For Business.

Your business on Google Maps – Getting listed in Google For Business ensures your business is also marked on Google Maps, displaying the exact location of your business to potential customers. Google Maps works on mobile phones so customers on the move, who are looking for your service, will be able to find you.

Low-cost, local marketing – Google For Business enables small businesses to advertise to their potential customers in a given locality and gives a higher return on investment than traditional advertising options.


Give potential customers the info
they want at the time they choose:

  • Driving directions straight to your business using Google Maps
  • Find your opening hours in Google Search
  • or get a clickable phone number so they can call you on mobile phones.


Your Google+ Business Page

Google For Business helps you build a loyal fan base through a Google+ page. Your customers can leave ratings and great reviews. They can even use the +1 button to show they like you, and re-share your Google+ posts across the web.

create-google-plus-page-businessGoogle+ pages provide local businesses, brands, organizations and artists with a public identity and presence on Google+. Google+ pages are managed through the Google My Business dashboard, which allows businesses to update and share business information on Google.

Google+ pages interact in the Google+ world similar to the way that regular Google+ profile owners do – they can add people to circles, edit their profile, share things in Google+, +1 comments and photos, and create and join Hangouts.

Local business pages

Local Google+ pages have features that allow customers to easily connect with that business’s physical location. For example, local pages include a map of the business’s location and feature its address, phone number, and hours of operation. Verifying a local page helps provide Google users with accurate and up-to-date information about your business.

Most local pages also share the functionality of other Google+ pages — you can create and manage circles, start and join hangouts, and share content like posts and photos.

If you’d like to add many business locations at once, use Google My Business Locations.

Brand, organization, or artist pages

Brand, organization, or artist pages don’t include address or other physical location information that appears on Google Maps. Brands, organizations, artists, and other groups or individuals can create Google+ pages to reach out to followers, fans, and customers on Google. You may choose from the following page types:

  • Product or Brand
  • Company, Institution, or Organization
  • Arts, Entertainment, or Sports
  • Other

Why get WebDog to set up your Google Business Pages?

Google For Business is an essential service and is a MUST for any business serious about growing both on and off line.  You can set up Google For Business yourself, it’s just a little tricky and time consuming when doing it for the first time.

WebDog not only set up a Google For Business presence for every commercial website we launch but have set up literally hundreds for our customers. We ensure it’s all optimised for maximum performance, is on point and on target for your audience.

Who are we?

We Are The WebDog Family. A creative agency located in Nelson New Zealand run by entrepreneurs delivering world-class services to a worldwide audience. Our goal is to make the Internet accessible to all. That means the very best service and solutions at an affordable entry level.

We’ve been ‘doing business’ on the net since 2000.  When you order our services we GUARANTEE to deliver. We’re always available for a chat and on the end of a skype or phone if you’ve got an issue.

What you get … GUARANTEED!

  • A Google+ page set up and optimised for your marketplace
  • A Google+ page header designed by our in house graphic artists
  • An optimised, high profile listing in Google Search and on Google Maps including:
    Business name
    Opening hours
    A business profile
    Reviews by your customers
    Link to your Website
  • Normal delivery within 48 hours  (* Normal working hours and depending on volume)

Order Google For YOUR Business Today



Get Found on Google!

For the next 48 hours grab an awesome 50% off
Simply use the coupon: WEBDOG50 below

Get Started With Google For Business