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Your Business Needs A Facebook Business Page

Facebook isn't THE answer, but it is a vital element in an ongoing, holistic marketing campaign

When you order a Facebook Business Page Package you get:

  • Facebook:
  • Research and create a relevant Facebook Business page
  • Add unique, professional Fanpage header (timeline) image See example 1  See example 2
  • Set up company profile
  • Set up contact us pages
  • Set up a start here page
  • Set up automated Twitter posts (*requires Twitter account). Whatever you post to Facebook is automatically posted to Twitter, saving valuable time
  • Make recommendations and suggestions as to content


Why is Facebook Important For YOUR Business?

There’s one thing we need to make clear in that despite what you’ve probably been told or read, social media is not a ‘Silver Bullet’ that delivers the killer blow. If you read much about Internet marketing you’ll have seen the promise that Facebook will drive tons of people to your website … unless you’ve got an extremely busy fanpage, it’ won’t. However, a social media presence should be used as part of an overall marketing strategy. One element supports the other. A Facebook Business page will help grow your company news and databases, which in turn allow you to send promotions. Social media enables the development of relationships with clients and potential customers in ways that other channels don’t. By cultivating an active social media presence, you develop a community, which encourages people to take interest in your business ultimately generating sales. Google uses mathematical formulas to determine a great user experience and decides what content is compelling and unique. They now rank social media interaction highly in their results using votes and virility as a major factor. So, in summary Google are using social signals to rank web content on its quality and attractiveness to readers and viewers … an active social media presence is essential to online business.

Combine a Facebook Business page with Google Places for the best opportunity of getting found!


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