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If Simply Sending a Few eMails Could Boost YOUR Business
By 25%, 55% or Even a Staggering 95% …
Wouldn’t You Be Just Plain CRAZY Not to do it???


Successful companies engage and DRIVE online sales

What’s the point of having an all-singing-all-dancing website if no one goes to it?  

A website is simply a tool just like any other for driving a business. The worst misconception is that Google will instantly list a site and customers will flood in … Wrong!

It’s like spending $thousands on printing glossy brochures then leaving them in the box in the corner. A website is no different … it needs to be worked.

WebDog websites come with the ability to DRIVE sales. They are not the passive, dumb entities most businesses run, but are proactive and engaging … if you want them to be.

 All successful businesses use their sites to PUSH sales. eMail Marketing should be THE single biggest driver of sales by a country mile. 

We’ve been doing it for years for our online businesses and by sending out over a million mails a month to our opt-in lists, we’re confident in saying “we know what we’re doing”.

Now let’s be clear, this isn’t spam, far from it.  There is a process we’ve developed turning contacts into friends and friends into buyers.

A properly constructed and set up email marketing strategy is like having your own personal robot working 24/7/365 engaging with potential clients, building trust, sending out news and offers and most importantly making sales without the slightest intervention from you.

Here’s a strange thing! 

Every day ‘buyers’ get in their cars, drive into town (sometimes in the pouring rain), walk into high street shops or visit local businesses practically begging to be sold to.  They’re browsing with money burning dirty great holes in their pockets … and 95% of them leave without spending it!

The business owner has no idea what they wanted, or even who that person was … all they know is that they came to buy and they didn’t!

Now imagine if those people left contact cards in a dish as they left with names addresses and phone numbers giving their express permission …scratch that… giving express instructions to contact them over the coming weeks to see if a deal can finally be closed!!!

Wouldn’t that be fantastic? Couldn’t you see the potential in this for any business? Well this is exactly how email marketing works!

“So if email marketing is so critical,
why do so many businesses fail to take full advantage?”

Well it’s not as easy as people think, especially in this era with spam (unsolicited email) growing to pandemic proportions.
managed-email-marketing-300x225First, you need to either get to grips with mailing services or set up your own mail servers and install your own sophisticated software.

That’s the easy bit and just the beginning!

Next, you have to build ‘relationships’ with people and nurture your opt-in mailing lists. You need the right timing, the right offers, the right incentives and you need to present your opt-in forms properly far and wide. Then you must manage those lists ensuring they are clean, bounces (bad email addresses) are removed regularly and that you are compliant with the law … Send out just one marketing email that violates the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 and you could end up in hot water! (Most marketing email breaks the law!)

You need to construct a responsive campaign. Whole books have been written on the subject of email marketing and it is as much an art as it is a science. You need to get the message on target, you need to engage with the readers, you need to hit the balance between what they want to read and what you want to sell. You need to get the right call to action, you need to ensure a reader can opt out of your mailings and all this has to be tracked and split tested.

THEN! You need to get your mailing actually delivered and get it through the highly aggressive, highly arrogant and inefficient spam filters to the person who wants to read it. If you run your own mail server and don’t want it blacklisted you will need to get your IP (server address) whitelisted with all the major mail services such as Yahoo!, Hotmail, GMail etc. Is it any wonder companies don’t manage email marketing campaigns? Which is sad because they are MISSING OUT on a valuable revenue source!

WebDog Managed eMail Marketing Service

  • Set up is $297
  • Requires MailChimp Account with monthly fee based on number of subscribers (first 2000 FREE) CLICK HERE FOR PRICING
  • We are always here to help and advice along the way

We will:
email marketing template

  • Help set up your account at MailChimp
  • Set up your newsletter template
  • Set up all the email management systems
  • Import any existing clients
  • Set up customer opt-in forms on your website
  • Ensure the double opt-in systems are working
  • Set up Welcome email
  • Set up whitelisting instructions
  • Set up of autoresponders. These are pre-loaded automated emails that are AUTOMATICALLY sent at selected intervals that help to presell, sell or upsell your products and services
  • Set up industry standard unsubscribe settings
  • Set up reporting
  • Ensure that you are compliant with all applicable laws including CAN-SPAM
  • Ensure system is properly configured and authenticated with dedicated IP addresses
  • Set up opt-in email signatures for your personal mail
  • We handle everything and run your entire email marketing solution
  • We design and publish a feature rich, clean, professional newsletter UNIQUE to your business
  • We will actively help grow your customer base using our proprietary systems. eg If you have a Facebook or Twitter page (highly recommended) our systems can add opt-in forms. We also have unique ways to present special offers that slide dynamically into highly visited pages … We can even capture visitors’ details as they LEAVE your site!

Advanced analytics to grow your business

Advanced reporting features you can access anywhere. Monitor sales and website activity with revenue reports, and inform your email content with purchase data using Google Analytics.


Comprehensive mobile options that go with you

Our suite of mobile apps let you check reports, add notes to a contact, or send a campaign —no matter where you are. Even collect signups on a tablet. Just restocked a popular product? Use Snap to send a quick, photo-based email to a segment or list of subscribers. And never worry about how your emails look on various screens—all templates and forms are mobile-ready right out of the box.


Monthly Service

Send a monthly offer
  • Create a marketing campaign
  • Create a sales specific page
  • Create an offer
  • Send out quality HTML mail
  • Provide useful feedback and reporting

One Off Mailing

Occasional offer
  • Create a marketing campaign
  • Create a sales specific page
  • Create an offer
  • Send out quality HTML mail
  • Provide useful feedback and reporting

Each account is PLUS $297 to set up

Start Driving Sales With eMail

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