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Responsive means the site will grow and shrink depending on what device you are viewing on. Responsive sites respond to being viewed on tablets and mobile phones.


No two Webdog website look the same. There are literally thousands of high quality templates to start with and each is infinitely customisable


Webdog websites are constantly updated by a large development community not only for functionality but ultimate security. Your WebDog website will always be state-of-the-art and as secure as possible


You’ll get instant access to the feature-packed admin area with sample content already added. There’s comprehensive support videos and the WebDog team are happy to assist you.


Online bookings

Integrate your site with your bookings

Appointments and Reservations

Show availability so customers can book online

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Our Ecommerce systems help you sell online
shoppingcart WebDog helps you to sell online  
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Step 1: Browse the thousands of templates.  When you see something you like, make an order and we’ll have it built and ready in FIVE days! (or sooner)

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emailintegration A website owner needs to know how their site is performing, how many visitors, where they’re coming from, where they’re going.

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email Keep in contact with your clients the easy way!

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Why is Facebook important for Your Business?

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googlepluspage Let WebDog get your business on Google Places

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WebDog owns state of the art hosting, so your site can grow as your business grows

We Are The WebDog Family

A creative agency located in Nelson New Zealand run by entrepreneurs. Our goal is to make the Internet accessible to all. That means the very best service and solutions at an affordable entry level.


“There are many ways to build a website”

Line several up and they all look the same however, as a programmer eloquently put it, “different artists can paint the same subject in many different styles. Each will achieve the same objective, a nice painting of a tree for instance, but each has their own individual style.” The problem is there are better ways than others to programme a website … And how are you ever going to know if you’ve got a good one? There’s a ton of free options out there but in our experience you get what you pay for.  At WebDog we pride ourselves on the fact that we have run our own businesses successfully since 1999. WebDog is built on WordPress, the most powerful and popular Web development platform available … and what we use to run our own sites.